#ladylike Hike

I am #ladylike because I am hiking 250 miles by myself on "El Camino" in Spain.

#ladylike Christi is in Spain hiking the 250 mile long El Camino de Santiago. It is a centuries-old pilgrimage that ends at the St. James shrine in La Catedrál de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. This Continue Reading

Fierce and #ladylike

I am #ladylike because I am a warrior

Cassandra wanted us to know this about her #ladylike picture: "This is a photo of me competing in the Warrior Dash. I am fierce, especially when it comes to my family." Thanks for sharing it with us, Continue Reading

#ladylike Nerd Alert!

I am ladylike because I like being a nerd.

Arlene says she loves being a nerd. There's nothing more #ladylike than knowing who you are, what you love most, and being proud of it! Is it totally nerdy that we love the R2D2 hat with tie fighter Continue Reading