Finding the Roots of Things Is #ladylike!

Nancy has this to say about her #ladylike picture:

I love this picture because it epitomizes my professional life as a mediator and collaborative divorce lawyer. My husband and I enjoy keeping up with our landscape, but every once in awhile some tiny, delicate weed hides amongst our dense foliage and becomes a big, tough thistle. This challenges me to dig deeply into the dirt to find the roots and gently pull them out so they will never interfere with our beautiful landscape again. Of course, there are always more weeds to unearth ….. and always more digging to do. Such is life.

So, I am #ladylike because I am not afraid to dig deeply into the dirt and gently pull out the tough weeds to help people find their way towards creating a new, beautiful landscape for their lives.


I am ladylike because I am not afraid to dig deeply and help people find their way.