Brave, Graceful, #ladylike

I am ladylike because I took my first dance/ballet class at age 26.

People who start ballet in their teens are considered late bloomers. #ladylike Cassandra stepped up to the barre and took her first class in her 20s. She says, "Being fearless and taking risks led Continue Reading

#ladylike on a Mountainside

We are ladylike because we love hiking!

Mindy and her daughter Jordan love hiking. Here's what Mindy wanted us to know about their picture: Jordan (my daughter) and I did a hike to the top of Butter Butte, which is a foothill of Mt. Continue Reading

#ladylike Determination

I am ladylike because of my fierce determination!

Juliet says, "The event is March Muddy Madness put on by NW Personal Training and it took place in March 2014 at the BMX track in Woodland.  I took first place for females after a fierce Continue Reading