Speaking Out Is VERY #ladylike!

#ladylike Edee is a writer and poet who writes to inspire and give voice to girls and women, especially those who aren’t able to speak up on their own.

I have over two dozen articles published on women’s right to feel safe wherever they are, regardless of age. My short stories and poetry center on girls’ and women’s issues, and I’m proud that they are bold and brazen. I am currently working on a novel that shows how abusive treatment of women and girls can affect them for the rest of their lives. I am not afraid to speak my truth and the truth of women worldwide. Even though it angers perpetrators and their sympathizers I refuse to sit down and stay silent, and I will continue to shout from the mountaintops until the abuse of women and girls ends and equality is achieved for everyone.

Speak it, Edee!

I am ladylike because I refuse to remain silent.